Far From Falling performing "The Last Hello" at the Fine Line Music Cafe. © On The Record 2010

Although it is only a week old, “The Last Hello,” the latest single from the Minneapolis rock band Far From Falling, may be new to the mainstream, it definitely is a familiar sound to my car stereo and iMac. On repeat, this duel personality ballad was an instant favorite from the first time I heard it. While it has been played at several of FFF’s shows in the past, it has finally been mastered, mixed and up for your listening pleasure.

Between the emotional chops of front man Harley Wood and the classic acoustic guitar, “The Last Hello” is portrayed with such deep and heavy mannerisms, it almost seems like a testament to the broken heart.

“But I’m falling apart.

And I’m screaming your name.

But you still run away.

Cause there is no way that this is happenstance.

So I pray that this be put to rest my love.

Cause no price we pay gives into circumstance

When all your dreams although it seems to crash down from above.

When you decided to walk through the door.

Coming back stating you won’t take anymore.

From the guy who pushed you away, oh I love you.”

They lyrics speak to the core of a failed relationship and label to a tee the pain of someone that was so carelessly thrown away. While throughout the song, Wood’s melodic and haunting voice guides the guitar and piano through each line until the climax of the song. Ending with a storm of drums and electric guitars, “The Last Hello” perfectly fuses acoustic with rock to create a heart break song for the ages.

Available for the tiny fee of one dollar, “The Last Hello” can be purchased on iTunes and is also available in disc form at any Far From Falling show.

For more information about Far From Falling, visit their Myspace or Facebook page.

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