Photo Credit: Bridgette Thomas of Midge Photo

“While this column focuses on a lot of great musicians here in the Twin Cities, it’s also important to take notice of those people behind the scenes that get the great bands seen and heard. Essentially, without the promoters and booking agents, bands wouldn’t be where they are today.

For promoters and talent bookers like Corey Carlson, it’s all about finding those ambitious, talented people who want to make music their career. With his music project GASOLINE aimed at helping those who are passionate about their craft, Carlson is hoping to get the Twin Cities’ music scene back in the top contenders.”

It takes a lot for bands to make it in a big music scene. And it’s not without the help of talented agents and promotion people. Check out Corey Carlson’s journey to be one of the area’s leading promoters in the latest installment of Commentary With a Local. To read the article in its entirety, click on this link.